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Join Us at 7pm on Thursday
September 8th

@ Wework's headquarters
115 W 18th St, 4th Floor



Zach Craun

Associate, Cookfox Architects


Eric Deuser

Project Manager, The Durst Organization


Akira Bryson

Director of Construction, Flywheel Sports


Bradley Gordon

ManageR, Project Risk Analytics


Moderated By: Mike Zee

Principal, Streamline REP



Continuing our series of events on the discussion of Building Buildings, and in conjunction with our sponsor Architizer, we invite you all to join us at WeWork's headquarters in Chelsea the evening of September 8th as we break down the complexities tied to putting together a team in order to get a building built from start to finish.

Part 2 of these events, entitled 'Team' picks up where the conversation of Investment left off. We’ll be joined by a panel of experts who work in the defining stages of a project and look to explore the intricacies of team building, the protocols of communication, and the legal frameworks that, for better or for worse, structure the outcomes of a building before its constructed. Connecting the thread from the first event, we will again attempt to bring clarity to our membership and public audience through discussion, case studies and anecdotes from our invited guest speakers. 

Thematically organized around key touch points in the execution of a project as well as the growth of a business - Getting Investment, Building a Team, Developing the Product, and Generating Profit. Our goal is to expose our audience to new methods, practices, and technologies that can demystify complexities, improve, streamline, or enhance the process of ‘Building Buildings’.