Entrepreneurship in the Built Environment

Join Us at 7pm on
March 29

@ Wework hq

115 W 18th St
4th Floor
New York City, NY


Applied Innovation for Architecture Firms

Applied Innovation for Architecture Firms

Continuing our series of events on the discussion of Building Buildings, and in conjunction with our sponsor Superform, we invite you all to join us at WeWork's headquarters in Chelsea the evening of March 29th as we break down the complexities tied to putting together a team in order to get a building built from a start to finish.

The third of these events, entitled Building Buildings Part 3: Product continues the conversation from the previous two events. We’ll be joined by a panel of experts who work in startups and firms that are designing products for buildings, or conversely, buildings as products. What prevents buildings from becoming products today? Who are the stakeholders? As product manufactures move up the chain into more complete end-to-end assemblies, essentially recombining manufacturing, real estate and the like into new products, how do architects participate in that conversation? Connecting the tread from the first two events, we will again attempt to bring clarity to our membership and public audience through discussion, case studies and anecdotes from our invited guest speakers.

Thematically organized around key touch points in the execution of a project as well as the growth of a business - Getting Investment, Building a Team, Developing the Product, and Generating Profit. Our goal is to expose our audience to new methods, practices, and technologies that can demystify complexities, improve, streamline, or enhance the process of ‘Building Buildings’.


Daria Pahhota - Head of Communications at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Tim Dumatrait - Head of Construction at WeWork

Zach Downey - Chief Innovation Officer at Fullstack Modular

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